Mrs. Mithlesh Shukla Chairman

Born in the year 1943, (Mrs.) Mithlesh Shukla is the Chairman of the Company. All administrative affairs are handled by her office. All administrative functions, decision making and personnel handling are directly dealt by her office. She carries a vast and varied experience in interior designing and expertise in housekeeping and upkeep facilities. Policy framing and project finalisation is directly handled by the Chairman.

Kartavya Shukla Director

Born in the year 1968, Mr. Kartavya Shukla is a Chartered Accountant and a Law and Commerce Graduate. He carries over 20 years of experience in setting up of various World class Five Star Hotels, hospitals and medical colleges. Having worked at top Management and Finance levels with the Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Jaypee Hotels, Park Plaza and Hyatt, he expertise in finance, project planning, implementation and operations set-ups. Reviews, evolution, negotiation and implementation of accounting, sales and marketing reporting software has been the key of his success. Being the Director and founder of the Company, Kartavya handles project conceptualization, business analysis, planning, procurement, government liaison, marketing and assists the Chairman in all administrative decisions.