Project Management Services

We are specialized to give a complete consultancy for project co-ordination and implementation from start till operation of the project.

Area Programming

Develop a proper available area program according to the operational requirements for any type of hotel, restaurant or any type of service business.

Back of the house designing

We specialize in developing and designing of any type of back of the house areas like kitchen, bakery, laundry, commercial laundry, store areas, front and other offices.

Costing and Financing

Strict adherence to budgets and effective cost negotiations ensure a cut of around 1.50% to 2.00% in the total cost of the project.

Drawings Services

Developing drawings for all types of services like masonry, civil, plumbing, electrical, gas, steam and HVAC as per conception approvals and advice service consultants to develop and commission the required services.

Services Consultancy

Developing of services drawing and coordination for all types of services to be provided as per the requirements of the front, as well as back of the house designing.

Interior Designing

Our experts provide architectural and interior designing services for construction of hotels, hospitals, medical colleges, guest houses, farm houses and commercial offices.

Services Coordination

A complete expertise by our engineering team can be provided to check all service points at site according to the issued drawings to get a better support and less service changes during installation.

Woodwork drawings

We develop proper fabrication drawings and detailed woodwork drawings for all areas for quotation purposes.Complete facilities planning drawings are also provided by our Company.

Equipment Selection

Our team of professionals provide complete solution on equipment selection and installation from various vendors located in various part of World.

Installation and Commissioning

Providing expert engineering team to take a complete job responsibility for installation and commissioning of various types of machines and equipment’s (Indian or imported) used in hospitality industry.

Technical Specifications

We can develop technical specifications for Indian or imported machinery and equipments for purchase and installation purposes.

Library for Selected Vendors

We have complete set up a computer/catalogue library for selecting various vendors for kitchen, laundry, health equipments, security systems and all related operating equipments generally used.

Management Operations

Running hotels and resorts on Management Operation contracts. Our company also conducts Market Analysis and prepare Project Reports for the projects.

F & B Related Services

Rendering support for selecting venders, quality, quantity related information and team for F&B material handling, linen and housekeeping handling, kitchen utility utensil and equipments, Material Handling Equipment, cleaning equipments, security system, guest related linen, various hollowware, chinaware, glass ware, services items etc. for operational finalization.